Banana cake with chocolate cream cheese frosting

I have been craving bananas recently. Possibly because during my recent holiday in Thailand which I spent working at the Elephant Nature Park, Thailand’s first sanctuary for elephants, I was constantly sneaking bananas from the lunch buffet for some extra treats for those gorgeous elephants. Do check it out on and add it to your bucket list!

I do love my Nana’s banana bread (recipe here), but I definitely wanted a soft cake and not a firmer bread. So I checked my usual favorite bakers and found this recipe on Rosie’s website:

The frosting was a bit of a save. Originally I had planned  to use a lighter cream cheese frosting and to brush each layer with a thin layer of ganache. Unlike other frosting recipes this one called for the fat to be creamed first and then for the cream cheese to be added. “Don’t overbeat”. Well, I obviously did overbeat it. Because the fat formed little lumps and didn’t want to make friends with the cream cheese so I beat it more, but no luck. The cream cheese lost its structure, the little lumps remained and I had a very soupy frosting!

So, what to do? I didn’t want to throw it away. Adding more icing sugar would have made it too sweet. So I stirred in my ganache (100 g dark chocolate/100 g soya cream) which was cooling down on my workbench and popped the bowl into the fridge. Not bad, but still not the consistency I was looking for. And then I had a brainwave and added 4 tablespoons of cocoa powder (sieved, otherwise more lumps!) and hey, perfect!

Next time I’ll stick to the method of making the cream cheese frosting like I usually do: Beat fat and icing sugar together and then fold in cream cheese in carefully!

As I didn’t know that I was going to be making a very chocolately frosting, I had added 100 g chocolate chips into the banana cake as well. I would leave them out next time if I make the cake again with a chocolate frosting. With a cream cheese frosting I would add them.