Crocheted Elephant bookmarks

While looking for a quicker elephant-themed pattern to crochet I came across this wonderful pattern by Ashlea on her website “Heart Hook Home”.

This bookmark is easy and fast to make. And I love the fact that I can use up all my leftover yarns as these bookmarks look so cute in different colours. So if you do a lot of needlework anyway you don’t have to go out and buy new yarn especially.

Green and yellow elephant bookmark
Colourful elephant bookmark

The pattern uses safety eyes but so far I have only used safety eyes on Fritz The Frog.  I normally make a French knot for eyes but found this great alternative – a simple knotted eye – by Pookie Doodle Crafts. Check out how it is done in her short YouTube tutorial

You don’t have to put a pipe cleaner into the trunk either. I simply stuff mine now with a little filling.

I found sewing the first bookmark together a little challenging but used the techniques I learnt from the Bigfoot elephant (see below). A few months ago I came across this great tutorial on how to sew together Amigurumi pieces from Planet June and have since then used this bookmark.

Here’s the link to Ashley’s “Webster the elephant” pattern. You’ll also find patterns for a duck, bunny, frog and pig bookmark!

Now if you would like something a little bigger I can really recommend this pattern from Sharon Ojala’s “Little Bigfoot” series. If you are a beginner, don’t be put off. I started crocheting again a few years ago and when I found Sharon’s pattern I simply followed her fantastic tutorial in which she crochets the elephants with you from start to finish. Link to Sharon’s website ‘Amigurumi To Go’ and her elephant pattern.

You don’t read ‘old-fashioned paper books’ but use electronic books? Well, you’re missing out on something 😉

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