About me

One of my fondest childhood memories is me standing on a small chair next to my Nana (English grandmother) and helping her to bake. Every evening my mother would cook a fresh meal, even after a long day at work. My Nonna (Italian grandmother) was a fantastic cook, too. So growing up with good food and the enjoyment of cooking and baking, it seems strange that I never took it up as a career. However, not being an early bird, the daunting idea of having to get up at the crack of dawn to work maybe wasn’t very appealing to me. Haha!

Why this blog? There are of course already hundreds of absolutely amazingly talented amateur and professional food bloggers on the net. But I’m sure there is some room for me, too. Over the past two years I have rediscovered how much fun and pleasure I get out of baking and started posting my creations on Facebook. Since June 2016 I now also have this lovely website. Every now and again I will post a savoury recipe, but the main focus here is on sweet things. So this blog is simply about sharing my creations with you. And maybe also inspiring you to one or another baking idea.

I am passionate about animal welfare and environmental issues so check out “Food for thought” if you feel the same. Do you want to be creative, but without the calories? Then head off to “Calorie-free”.

Credit where credit is due. I will always link up to the original websites from which I got the recipe, inspiration or tutorial.

And if you’re wondering about the name: “The Bowl” and “The Pie Bird” actually exist and belonged to my Nana, so hence the name.

Enjoy your time here with “The Bowl and Pie Bird”

June 2016