Cooking Thai with Hot Thai Kitchen

I rediscovered Hot Thai Kitchen on YouTube last autumn. I say rediscovered because I had been sporadically watching Pailin’s videos but on a particularly rainy grey Sunday afternoon while mindlessly zapping through the TV channels I saw that my husband had installed the YouTube app!

Well, there was no stopping me! I spent the entire afternoon watching Pailin cook delicious meals. As a trained chef she has a fabulous talent to really demystify the Thai cuisine and explain each step so well. As you can imagine I went to bed feeling very hungry. The next day I rushed off to my local Asia store for a mad shopping spree! And my husband and I enjoyed Thai food the entire week. Growing cilantro and Thai Basil in my garden is on the top of my garden to-do list this year!

When my nephews came for a visit I cooked us a delicious meal! Although I stopped eating meat and dairy six years ago, I do once in a blue moon cook meat dishes for my family. I am not so radical in my approach anymore as I was during my first meatless years. Letting vegetarian and vegan food speak for itself is the best way to bring about some change in what we eat.

So here are the dishes I have cooked so far!

Fried pork meat laab
Crispy Laab meatballs – They did smell very delicious with the herbs and tasted very good I was told. A recipe I definitely want to veganize with tofu. I might need to add a plant gelling agent as crumbled tofu does not have the stickiness of minced meat. Any ideas?
Thai glass noodle salad
Glass noodle salad –  The sauce is just to die for: Sweet – Sour – Hot. So good!⠀

The only problem is that once I have cooked these delicious dishes I just want to eat them and not have to photograph them. Hahaha. I have made this super quick, easy and delicious cauliflower curry stir fry several times already but only took a snapshot for my Insta story. Next time.

If you love Thai food I thoroughly recommend following this fantastic food channel!

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