Lemon Cupcakes

What I really underestimated when I started blogging?

The time factor. Not necessarily the time needed to bake or make something, but the time required to write everything down. And then also to translate it.

Whilst I have been busy recently with other things I still have done some baking, but just haven’t got around to writing about it.

So how better to start than with a quick and easy recipe for all of you like me who need a time machine to add more hours to the day.

I have baked these cupcakes very often. The recipe is quick, easy and the cupcakes taste delicious. I love the fact that so many different tastes are possible. Also everybody who has eaten them so far always said that they would never have believed that they are infact vegan.

To match the gorgeous Spring sunshine I baked a lemon version for an afternoon birthday party. I used the Lime-Lemon soya yoghurt from Alpro. For that extra lemony taste I added lemon peel from an organic lemon into the batter.

The topping was white lemon ganache (300 g white chocolate – 150 g cream). I infused the cream by adding the peel of one organic lemon to the cream and leaving it in the frigde for an hour. If you like you can strain the cream before boiling it, but I left the peel inside. I also added one teaspoon of citric acid (a powder) to the cream.

The white chocolate wasn’t vegan but for my ganache nowadays I nearly always use soya cream. I am not a vegan, but I hardly eat diary products anymore. And I can’t really taste a difference in the ganache (neither can anybody else) so it’s an easy way to replace diary products with plant-based alternatives. Go on, give it a try.

After the ganache had cooled down I whipped it up and piped it onto the cooled cupcakes and garnished them with some sliced lemon pieces. Shortly before this I  had carelessly waved good-bye to my husband and then it dawned on me: Who is going to take the pictures?! Yours truely this time with my mobile. But upon his return my husband did add the logo. I really must find the time for him to show me how this is done, but not today.

Here the links to my posts for a chocolate and vanille version.

Let me know how you get on.

Original recipe: Jamie Oliver