Ice hockey themed birthday cake

I made this cake for my colleague’s daughter’s birthday. She is a great ice hockey fan and of course supports her local ice hockey team, the “Iserlohn Roosters”.

At the end of the day when a cake has been baked, decorated and everything has worked out the moments of things going pear shaped are forgotten and laughed about. And there were plenty of those moments with this cake.

Let’s start off with following your gut feeling. My gut feeling said that a baking frame most probably is not suitable for the runny batter of a mud cake. It’s more suited for thicker batters likes sponges. But no, I had to give it a go as it had the right shape. It started off okay, but when I checked the cake 40 minutes later I realised that it obviously wasn’t okay.


D75_2035 (Copy)

As I didn’t know whether the cake had baked as evenly as it had appeared to have sunk in, I had to bake another cake. The so-called German wonder cake is an excellent choice if you need a tasty cake within a short space of time. And if you don’t want to go shopping again for various ingredients. This time I used a rectangle baking pan and all went well.

Fortunately the mud cake had baked through evenly and so I was happy that the cake was going to have a good height after all. As a mud cake is quite sweet my colleague didn’t want any buttercream or ganache inside but just simple yummy strawberry jam. Good choice!

D75_2037 (Copy)

My last cake using fondant was this wedding cake. At least now I know that it wasn’t (only) the very cold buttercream which made covering the cake difficult last time, but actually the humidity! After weeks of cold weather and April showers here in Germany we now have jungle temperatures with humidity above 60%! This time I was prepared and had the fan on. Cutting the decorations was a bit fiddley as the fondant, actually firmed up with a bit of CMC, just wouldn’t set.

D75_2111 (Copy)

Fondant covered boards look great, but I don’t like throwing food away. So I covered the board with a colour print out of a scratched ice surface and stuck it on with several layers of decoupage glue. I used blue washi tape for the edges. Elements like this can be made days or weeks in advance. Which also applies to any figurines. I made my version of the Rooster’s mascot “Icey” two weeks in advance.

Icey_TBAPB (Copy)

Humidity was still against me on Sunday whilst placing the cake onto the board as the yellow fondant blobs to hold the “Happy Birthday” candles just wouldn’t set. So the photos were shot without the candles and I handed them over to my colleague separately.

D75_2103 (Copy)


Happy Birthday, dear Lina! I’m very pleased that the surprise turned out!