World Rhino Day 2016


I made this rhino for last year’s World Rhino Day on 22.9.2015. One year later things still aren’t looking good for rhinos who are being poached to near extinction for their horn.

There are many organizations who are looking after and protecting the world’s rhino population. Besides main tasks such as habitat protection, protection from poachers, education and improving the cohabitation of man and animal the following two organizations in my opinion are doing a sheer amazing job.

Saving The Survivors
In 2015 1.175 rhinos were killed for their horn. That’s one rhino every 8 hours. In 2016 702 rhinos have so far been killed (Per: 11.9.2016, The trend is unfortunately on the increase. Saving The Survivors are using ground breaking veterinary techniques to treat those rhinos who have miraculously survived the brutal removal of their horn:

Breaking The Brand
This organsation has set its mind on stopping the demand of rhino horn at the base. Especially in Vietnam the use of rhino horn is booming due to the misbelief that it can lower fever, detox the body and help against hangovers. As a European I can only gasp in disbelief:

More information to this year’s World Rhino Day and all participating organisations can be found here: