Animals Around The World

Etty van Urk, better known as  “Cake Dutchess” has another collaboration! Whether cookies, cakes or fondant figures, this collaboration is about the wonderful animals with whom we share the planet and why they need our protection.

I submitted my orangutan as this great ape is critically endangered as its habitat is being deforested for palm oil.

Orangutan made from sugar paste

Orangutan made from sugar paste

Orangutans live in Indonesia on the islands of Borneo and Sumatra. Their population is estimated at 104,000 animals (Borneo) and 7,500 (Sumatra). In 2017, a new, third species living in North Sumatra, the Tapanuli orangutan, was discovered: Its population is estimated at only 800 individuals.

I wrote about palm oil and possible alternatives two years ago in this blog post.

Check out Etty’s website and all information on the collaboration Animals Around The World.

Have fun collaborating!