My five favourite kitchen helpers

My top five kitchen helpers

Whilst compiling this list I realised that obviously also in the kitchen it’s the small things in life which are important. The one big kitchen gadget I love in my kitchen is course my Kitchen Aid mixer but now let’s give a big round of applause for these little guys:

#1 Pyrex measuring jug (250 ml)

I also have the big 1000 ml brother and the smaller 500 ml sister, but this 250 ml jug is just so useful! Apart from being sort of cute as well. As a hobby baker I only bake small cakes so I don’t need XXL sizes. And to think that when my mum suggested buying me one whilst I was visting her I said “No, I don’t really need that.” But she bought it anyway and what can I say: Thank you, Mum!

#2 Offset spatula

Yes, I have a big one of these too. But I hardly use it. Small cakes + small offset spatula work perfectly for me.

#3 Whisk

Mmm, yes I also have a big whisk which I like using for mixing flour and baking powder together (because I am often too lazy to sieve them) but this small whisk is perfect for whisking together an egg and vanilla extract or sunflower oil and yoghurt when baking vegan cakes. Together with the 250 ml Pyrex jug they form a real dream team.

#4 Ice cream scoop

When I first started baking cupcakes I just used a spoon to fill the paper cases. I remember reading that some cakers like to weigh out each individual case to get the exact amount per cupcake. That is just too much hassle and also a bit too crazy 🙂 Using an ice cream scoop does the job for me.

#5 Spoon measuring set

1/8 teaspoon? No problem with this handy little tool which measures up to 1 tablespoon. I used to judge small amounts and always grabbed whichever teaspoon came to hand but now I have measurement consistency which I find great.

What are your favorite tools?