Monkey Business – 40th birthday cake

I made this cake for a fun colleague who has quite a soft spot for the three wise monkeys. Baking for colleagues and friends is great for practicing because you can’t really eat all cakes you want to practice making. Although on second thoughts… .

This banana-chocolate cake consists of two layers of Rosie’s banana cake which I baked in two 20 cm round tins and one layer of a chocolate version of the “wonder cake”. I used half the ingredients for this one layer and coffee for my liquid. It was also baked in a 20 cm round tin.

The layers are filled with Rosie’s dark chocolate fudge frosting. So creamy and delicious and very rich!

The three wise monkeys are actually made from polymer clay and I followed a tutorial from Etty van Urk aka Cake Dutchess I bought on Craftsy. She is very talented and her tutorials are so easy to follow. I can highly recommend her if you want to give figure modelling a try. After playing around a little with polymer clay I wanted to make an entire figure to see how it worked out. So making three figures was good practice. I do get warm hands and tiny bits of clay stuck to my hands and did mix in with the lighter colours leaving a smudge here and there although I did wash my hands regularly in between. I used the Fimo “professional” line which was quite hard to knead. I will try out their “soft” version soon and see how I get on. Dyed modelling paste definitely doesn’t have this tendency of sticking so much or losing colour (apart from black).

The 3 wise monkeys


The cake board is a piece of wood from a DIY store which I painted and then decorated with cut-out paper bananas.


The cake from inside.


Enjoy baking!

Check out Rosie’s banana cake and frosting recipe here.