Fruity Creamy Strawberry Birthday Cake

May – A month full of birthdays

The cake – Of course the wonderfully versatile wonder cake. This time I filled it with mascarpone, whipped cream and of course strawberries. Mmm, I think I used about 500 g.

• I always take mascarpone out of the fridge about 15 minutes before preparing fillings so that it isn’t so firm. Beat for about 1 minute on medium speed.
• If like me you don’t use gelatin (made from pork skin) as a gelling agent but a plant based one then you will need to boil 200 g of pureed strawberries with the gelling agent for 2 minutes to get it working. I used the German brand “Agartine” which is made from seaweed. Different plant based gelling agents might require different handling but as far as I know heat is always required. Let the strawberries cool a little.
• Chop up the remaining strawberries into small pieces.
• While the strawberries are cooling down whip up 200 ml of cream.
• Mix 2 tbsp. of cream into the strawberry mixture with your gelling agent, stir in quickly with a hand whisk to prevent lumps forming between the warm strawberries and the cool cream. Then swiftly fold in the remaining whipped cream. Then fold this strawberry cream into the mascarpone and finally mix in the chopped strawberries.
• Put a cake ring around your first cake layer and then build you cake by alternating between filing and cake. Finish off with a cake layer.

As my cake was quite high and popped over the 10 cm cake ring I quickly made a ganache from 100 g soya cream and 100 g dark chocolate to „stick on” the last cake layer. I liked the look of the chocolate which had run down inbetween the strawberries when I removed the cake ring. And chocolate and strawberries go so well together.

Next time I will either only bake the cake using half the ingredients or bake it in a bigger tin as 4 cake layers were definitely too much.

Enjoy baking this cake.