Moist Carrot Cake

Easter 2015 I told the true story about which animal originally brought us the Easter Eggs.

And as every good story needs a good cake I baked this absolutely delicious moist carrot cake from Summer from CakePaperParty. Due to a cold I couldn’t enjoy the entire symphony of carrots, pineapple, walnuts, ginger and cinnamon to the full and promised to bake the cake again.

And now it’s 2017 and I didn’t get around to ever baking this cake a second time. What a shame. So depending on my Easter plans this year I will really endeavour to bake it again.

I decorated the cake with coloured cream cheese frosting using a small spatula.

But now here the story!

The Owls of the Carrot Forest

Once upon a time, a long long time ago Easter eggs were brought to us by owls. The skill and expertise of gently picking up an egg and flying it over the Carrot Forest was passed down from one generation to the next. The owls were trained from a young age in the art of egg flying. A proud moment for every owl when they picked up and flew their first real egg at Easter.

But the ways of the worlds changed and so did Easter traditions. Suddenly colourful eggs were no longer enough. Simple hens’ eggs made way for chocolate eggs. These came in all shapes and sizes, solid or with a cream filling; smaller chocolates were packed together in an egg shape; big drinking mugs filled with small chocolate eggs or other sweets also became popular. These new Easter eggs became too heavy for a single owl to fly. Two or three owls were now needed to carry one Easter egg. This meant that the owls had to start flying earlier and much longer in order to get all eggs to the humans on time.

One day, a few weeks before Easter, a large group of rabbits were seen on the distant hills surrounding the Carrot Forest. Weary, tired and very cold the rabbits reached the shelter of the Carrot forest by night fall. They had been travelling for days as their once green homeland had been suffering from a severe drought. And now in the third year of the drought the fields had dried up, all carrot stocks had been eaten and the rabbits broken hearted about having to leave their home had set off with all their belongings looking for a new home. The owls welcomed the rabbits and gave them food and beds within the warm bushes and scrubs growing in and around the Carrot Forest. The next morning the owls helped the rabbits unload their carts and showed them where the earth was especially suitable for digging their burrows and very fruitful for their carrot fields.

Now owls are wise creatures and the strength of the rabbits didn’t go unnoticed.

And so it came to pass that on that Easter and then for all Easters to come the rabbits carried the Easter eggs to the humans. Running and jumping through the dense underwood of the Carrot Forest was easy for them. On their backs they carried the Easter treats in small baskets which the owls had woven with their beaks.

And as humans tend to look more onto the ground than into the sky some saw a glimpse of a rabbit and thus the tradition was born that rabbits bring the Easter eggs. But if you look closely up into the tree tops you might see an owl watching over the rabbits as they leap through the woods.

Recipe: CakePaperParty