Hot Cross Buns

I was astonished how much information can be found on the internet regarding the origins of this traditional British baking good: The Hot Cross Bun.

Fact is that I couldn’t really find one clear explanation why hot cross buns appear on our Easter table. Some theories can be found in Christian symbolism (the cross marking the crucifixion of Jesus), others state that they were eaten throughout Lent, others say that they were baked and eaten solely on Good Friday.

I like the story related to the Anglo Saxons which says that these buns were made in honour of Eostre, their goddess of Spring, from whom the name Easter is derived. Nowadays, at least in England, these buns can be bought all year around as “spiced buns” which I personally find disappointing because although I really like them it is always nice to look forward to something which isn’t available all year around.

Just as the stories around the buns are ample so are the recipes available. I chose Stephanie’s from Joy of Baking