Why I hate “Smash Cakes”

Most people know that we throw away too much food in the western hemisphere. We buy too much, have less time to cook, don’t store or cool the food correctly or throw food away just because of the best-before-date says so. In Germany this amounts to around 82 kg per person per year. That’s about two full shopping trolleys worth.

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However, throwing away food with an intent purpose I personally find reprehensible and irresponsible. The so-called “Smash Cakes” originate from the US. Possibly stemming from a Mexican tradition called “Mordida” or from wedding couples throwing cakes into each other’s faces.

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Nowadays they are mostly baked for a child’s first birthday. Small cakes covered in a thick layer of buttercream. It’s so “cute” and “sweet” to watch how the offspring squelch their fingers through the cake and shove pieces into their mouth. The photos, oh, so lovely! Such a fun event! Once the child has fallen into a sugar coma the leftover sticky and smeary cake mess is then thrown away. What values regarding the importance of food are passed on to these children? “Smash cakes” still exist for adults too, “fun” pictures of a bride sitting in a cake. Photographers now also offer special shootings. Nothing against wanting to make a living, but does it have to be this way?

Probably no sense of remorse to be found here unfortunately.

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