Let’s whoop it up

I’m currently looking through my creations on my Facebook page to see which ones I can add to my blog. I actually baked this cake in 2014 for the 50. birthday of a colleague.

The German translation of the phrase “Lass die Sau raus” is literally “Let the pig out” and so I thought the already old, but cute motive theme of “Pigs in the mud” would be a suitable birthday cake. Looking up in the internet you really come across some amazing ideas. For instance letting the pigs swim in a barrel. The wooden boards of the barrel made out of brown fondant look so real. Amazing but so time consuming.

I opted for the quick solution and used sponge fingers. The cake was a chocolate mud cake (how fitting 😉 ) filled with a tangerine-yoghurt-whipped cream filling.

Dark chocolate ganache on top for the mud and then let those little piggies (I made mine out of marzipan) whoop it up in their mud bath.