Overnight Oats

Overnight Oats!? Could be a courier shipping rate, but no, it’s the trendy in-breakfast thing to eat. “Overnight Oats” come from the US and are part of the “Clean Eating” trend. The aim is to eat fresh and unprocessed foods and to leave out any food additives. So really our good old friend “wholefood” but now in the modern version without rock hard rolls and stodgy dark grains. Overnight Oats are delicious. And the sky’s the limit when it come to putting together your favorite mix. Without milk products they are vegan, too. Oats, soja flakes, czia seeds, flax seeds, yoghurt, soja yoghurt, quark, strawberries, blueberries, bananas, honey…the list of possible ingredients is sheer endless. A great (German) site is this one http://overnight-oats.de/ with lots of information and recipes. I love the recipe section “Cheat Day”. Indulge a little with some “unhealthy” ingredients.

So it’s no longer the question of “What do you eat for breakfast? Toast with marmelade? How boring!” but “Wow, cool, Overnight Oats!”.

PS: Thanks to our “overnight house guest” last year for introducing us to OO and releasing us from our boring breakfast routine!