Dark chocolate Mud Cake

No need to do a lot of explaining and translating about what mud cakes are on the English part of my blog 🙂 There are many recipes about and I came across this one from “Piece of Cake by Ilse” when making my first 3D cake, a minion. You’ll find the link to Ilse’s YouTube channel and the recipe at the bottom of the Minion post.

I have slightly adapted the recipe: I use 40 ml freshly brewed espresso and top this up with water to the required 185 ml of fluid. Also I have reduced the sugar amount to 500 g.

Baked in a high (7 cm) 20 cm round baking tin gives a great cake which can be cut into 3-4 layers, depending on how thick you like your layers.

Have fun baking and eating this cake 🙂