The perfect shortcrust pastry base



Many German cakes call for a thin shortcrust pastry base.

I love the crumbly sensation and taste of shortcrust pastry but rolling it out is nearly always a challenge for me. Before finding this baking hack on Monika’s ( website I used to despair in trying to roll out a circle. Also I cut out the required size before baking.

Now professional bakers might laugh or tear their hair out in despair but this baking hack really works for me. Just roll out the pastry into a sort of circular shape a little larger than you need. Roll it out on a piece of baking paper too. No transferring from a floured surface onto a piece of baking paper. No, arrgh, tears and tears!

Bake for the required time and when the pastry comes out of the oven immediately press down an adjustable cake ring (set to the required size) gently onto the pasty. Wait for the pastry to cool off, carefully cut around the pastry, gobble up all the scraps and voilà: Ze perfect base! Thank you Monika!