Blackforest Gâteau- The Fourth

The Blackforest Gâteau is a German classic. A bit time consuming to make but otherwise easy. It is simply a chocolate sponge cut into 3 layers. The first layer is filled with a cherry pudding and whipped cream. The second layer is just whipped cream. The outside is also smothered in cream and decorated with chocolate shavings and cherries. Many classical German cream cakes call for a shortcrust pastry base. You can leave it out but the crispy crunch of the base together with the soft cake and cream is really tasty.

A colleague of mine asked for a BFG four years ago. As I had never made one I jumped to the challenge. The most important thing for a classic BFG: Cherry Brandy!


BFG I (2013) My first. I bought the chocolate shavings. And how cute, my old way of posting my photos and my old logo – The Bowl and Pie Bird – at the top right corner.



BFG II (2014). The second one. New logo, homemade chocolate shavings.

BFG III (2015) Oh no, no photo! But no surprise, it looked very similar to BFG II. By the time I had finished the cake it was quite late and both my husband and I were too tired for an extensive photo shooting. The next day I headed off the office early so no time either.



BFG IV (2016)

This is BFG No. IV. As the cake was in the fridge from Sunday afternoon onwards I wanted to seal in the cream in really well. I baked the cake a little larger and cut out a ring to give the cake a wall. Monday evening I brushed the sides with some cool but still fluid ganache (ratio 1:1) and stuck the chocolate bark onto it. It’s the same technique I used with the “No Place Like Gnome Cake“. The Christmas Trees are sprigs of fresh rosemary which I have in my garden. I covered the stems in some chocolate but also used straws when placing the rosemary into the cake. I saw this idea on Pinterest for cupcakes and liked the idea. The cake was eaten on Tuesday morning by which time the cherry brandy syrup with which I had brushed each layer had had plenty of time to seep into the cake layers and it was really delicious.

There are many recipes about. I choose Sally’s ( one. She has a great video tutorial to go with it as well.

I’ll have to come up with a new design for next year.