The Bare Bear


I was in Berlin in April last year. Apparently THE city in Germany to be.

Like all these kinda cities it’s constantly reinventing itself, churning out creative ideas, creating new trends and styles and just oozing with inspiration. But what is with all the waxing studios?!

The multinationality of the city must have sparked off an increased need for these. Haha. I really love puns and this one works really well if you know that “bear” is also a German colloquialism for mmm, now how do I put it w/o being too rude, errm, the lower region of a woman’s body. So the Berlin bear has moved on since becoming the city’s emblem in 1280 and is trying out all the new trends its city is offering. Thank you for the inspiration, Berlin!

PS: And which cake is best suited for this fondant topper? Of course! A naked cake with lots of bearries, erm, berries. Hahaha!