Stop the Dog & Cat Meat Trade!


Whether bred on farms like in South Korea, caught on the streets or stolen as pets from their owners, the fate which awaits these dogs and cats is beyond words. It takes animal suffering to a totally new level of despair. This is not about tradition. This is about the totally unacceptable cruelty and disregard for living creatures. There are many international organisations, but also small local animal lovers who are trying their best to bring this evil to an end.

Please check out these sites and support them by signing their petitions or writing off to your local embassies. Thank you!毛毛的運動-369643323198348/?fref=ts

It’s not less sad, but more “bearable” to watch.
Cartoon version by the Korean animal welfare organisation CARE, Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth about the life of a dog on a meat farm.