The King’s Head

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We call him the King of Animals, but treat him with no respect. One year ago the media was filled with the story of Cecil the Lion and his tragic death at the hands of the American big game hunter, Walter Palmer, who perfidiously planned his death by luring him out of a national park. Many shipping lines and airlines have bowed to the pressure and have agreed to no longer transport hunting trophies. I personally cannot understand how shooting another living being can be called a “sport”. R.I.P. Cecil!

But also the other lions who per year are breed in the “Canned Hunting” industry soley to end up in the line of fire. In 2011 nearly 3000 lions. The King of the Jungle is bred in farms; babies are taken away from their mothers too early to be “petting cubs” for tourists; then later on you can “walk with a lion”; and when they are too big and dangerous for this they become the target of a big game hunter. No chance of escape in a confined area. Hunting for perverts with big purses.

But also the shift in China from rare tiger bones to lions bones for use in TCM for their supposed medicinal properties is putting more and more pressure on the King.

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  1. Hier geht es zu einer Petition von VierPfoten gegen das Canned Hunting:
  2. Weitere Infos zum Canned Hunting gibt es u.a. hier:

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