Wedding Cake Rahel & Sascha

Wedding_RaSa_TBAPB (2) (Copy)

When a dear friend asked me last year whether I would help her mother bake her wedding cake I was over the moon. What a great challenge! Of course I agreed straight away. I met up with the bride’s mum to discuss ideas. There are so many beautiful cakes and possibilities. But we finally agreed on the queen of flowers, the rose. As the bride loves butter cream it was of course obvious that her mum would be baking her favourite cakes. I baked a chocolate cake. We had planned to cover the cakes in fondant which the bride’s mum was going to make as well. But an accident in the kitchen meant that 2 cakes had to be rebaked. So we agreed on using ganache as a finish. Much tastier than fondant but difficult to get a smooth finish. Cutting out the flowers and making the roses was a diligent but routine piece of work which I fitted into spare hours over the course of 3 weeks. The result was worth all the work. A total of four cakes 28 cm, 24 cm, 20 cm and 15 cm. They weren’t stacked on top of each other, but the bride had asked for a staircase. It was a wonderful wedding with gorgeous Autumn weather in a charming location with an absolute dream team of a couple. All the best and lots of love to you both, Rahel and Sascha! <3

Not quite as laborious as the rose I made at a course with “Tortentante”, but just as pretty: Rose Tutorial:

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