Traditional German Buttercream Cake

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A old acquaintance had asked me to bake this cake for such a long time. Last weekend I had some spare time on my hands and so I got to work. Beforehand I had checked out the net to find out what exactly a “classic German buttercream cake” is. The cake is a sponge and German buttercream is butter mixed with pudding (I made vanilla). And if we’re talking “classic” then the cake has to have a short crust pastry base, too.

I made the sponge, the pastry base and the buttercream the day before.

Sponge TBAPB

Perfectly baked sponge – I am pleased!


Pastry base TBAPB

Great idea from blogger Monika (Tortentante). Roll out pastry base a little larger; bake; then cut into size required whilst pastry is still warm. As you can see the left overs disappear quickly.

Next time I wouldn’t make the pudding with egg yolks because what do you do with the remaining egg whites? Yes, you can freeze them but experience shows that I often just forget them in the freezer! This time I spontaneously decided to make some rainbow-coloured meringues to decorate the cake with. Besides the colour, the egg yolk is supposed to prevent curdling and help the butter and milk combine better. I can’t confirm this. When I made the buttercream everything was fine. When I whipped it up the next day it curdled big time. If this happens to you: Stand the bowl with your buttercream over a bowl filled with warm water and start stirring with a whisk. When the mixture starts coming together take off the water basing and stir until the mixture is smooth.


I baked at 20 cm round cake and made 500 ml pudding for the buttercream which was quite tight at the end. If you like buttercream then I would recommend to make 750 ml of pudding. Alternatively you can buy a good custard powder to make up your pudding.

German buttercream TBAPB

Oops! This is getting tight!


German buttercream cake TBAPB

Just about going to make it around the cake.

Delivering the cake on such a hot day – 30°C! – can be quite a challenge. But I put the cake into a box with thermal packs and put on the air con in the car. When I arrived the table was already laid and later on I got a message that the cake had hardly survived the 20 minutes I needed to drive back home. I’m happy to hear that you enjoyed the cake that much. And yes, next time more buttercream! 🙂

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