No-fat Tea Bread – A taste from my childhood

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Do you remember the scene from the film “Ratatouille” in which the mean restaurant critic Ego takes his first bite from the simple dish Ratatouille prepared for him by Rémy? The taste immediately takes him back into his childhood and to a wonderful memory: He had fallen off his bicycle, was in pain and tearful and his mother comforted him and served this dish. This no-fat tea bread does the same for me. One bite and I’m back in my Nana’s kitchen. I am there to visit and we baked together.

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Afternoon tea at its best and it shows that the most simple recipes are often the best. “No-fat” because the recipe does without milk, butter or margarine, but instead gets its moisture from the black tea in which the dried fruit is soaked.

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Edit 11.7.2016

Here the recipe:

Tea Bread_TBAPB