Minion Cake

Minion_TBAPB (3) (Copy)

So far this minion is my biggest cake project (from 2015). Not only in terms of size – 30 cm high and 20 cm diameter – but also from the work involved. The creation of 3D cake is a battle of material. With this cake I was able to cross off many to-dos off my list of things I have been wanting to try out. Without the ingenious tutorial from “Piece of Cake by Ilse” this cake wouldn’t have come together. They say that you grow with all news tasks and should set yourself new challenges and this is true with this cake. When the little guy was finally finished I swore “Never again!”, but after a little distance I do now think differently. I would definitely do some things differently. Like not being a megalomaniac by switching from 15 cm to a 20 cm cake just because my halfsphere baking tin is that size. Either trim down to 15 cm or buy a new cake pan. But the effort was well worth it as the friends whom I made the cake for were speechless. And that’s what I did it for.
Thank you as always to my lovely husband for the fantastic photos and for his craftmanship. At least he now knows how to calculate the center of a circle with a set square again 😉

Minion_Exhausted_TBAPB (Copy)

Nearly finished!

Here the links to the tutorials. Mud cakes are made with melted chocolate and especialy ze Germans find these kind of cakes very rich and sweet. On top of that the cake filling and the fondant (which of course makes the cake what it is, but it is so sweet and hardly ever eaten). A less sweeter cake as long as it has a firm texture works for these types of cakes as well.

Part 1 (Baking the cakes):
Part 2 (Decorating):