Wobbly jiggly push up giraffe

Pushup Giraffe_D759507

My husband’s face glows with silent pride everytime I grab my tablet. As a present? A tablet? No, I don’t need that kinda gadget. But now that I have it, I can’t put it down: Because I now have a never ending source of cake inspirations right at my fingertips. Whether it’s a cake somebody else has baked and I wanna give it a go too, or a tutorial to learn or improve a decorating skill. Or a picture which sparks off a firework of cake neurons. I end up with my head full of ideas. So I decided to free my mind from all cake ideas by subjecting myself to some boring tidying up chores. No room for imaginative thoughts for my brain here. So far so good. And what happens? The first object I pick up I think “What a cute topper this would make!” Arrgh! Needless to say the tidying up job didn’t go very well as my brain was busy sussing up how to recreate this little push up wobbly jiggly giraffe out of sugar paste.

I definitely wanted to create the slight lopsidedness these toys have after you’ve played with them for a while. I ended up making little beads by rolling out gumpaste onto a skewer (grease well). I let the gumpaste harden up a bit and then I cut the beads with a cutter. Move the beads on the skewer gently to make sure they don’t stick and then let them dry overnight. I popped the beads onto longer sticks for the legs, made the body and stuck in another stick for the neck and beaded it up. Then make the head and your wobbly jiggly giraffe is ready to go. I let the head dry for an hour and then supported it with a stick under the chin. Let the giraffe dry over night.

Pushup Giraffe_D759518

Who’s out of sugar, who out of wood?