Vegan Saffron Strawberry and Lime Meringue Nests with coconut cream

Vegan Meringues_TBAPB (7)

I’m a “Jack of all Trades, Master of None” type of girl. And that also applies to baking. I go off the track and end up baking something completely different than I had originally intended as everything is just so exciting, interesting and has to be tried out.

Like Sanjana (the blogger of this recipe) I find meringues fascinating. So white and fluffy like clouds. And then this tender melting sensation in your mouth when you bite into them. But I always find the left over egg yolks from the egg-based meringues a shame. Okay, somehow I always manage to use them up, but I must admit that I have at times forgotten them in the fridge. And I hate throwing food away and try avoiding it at all costs. I am not a vegan, but when I came across this recipe I could hardly believe it. Chickpea water will create such a fluffly white cloud? Look at the photos and you will see: It works! Amazing! I was excited like a small child whilst beating up the mixture.

Vegan Meringues_TBAPB (5)

Unbelievable! Fluffy white chickpea clouds!

The taste is difficult to describe. Sweet but not too sweet. I couldn’t directly taste chickpeas. Sort of a savoury sweetness. And combined with the coconut cream and the strawberries an absolutely ingenious taste adventure. Here’s the link to the recipe. This blog is filled with so many delicious recipes that I instantly wished I could conjur up the kitchen machine from “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”.

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