Pimp your flower pot!


Last year our landlord renewed our patio. Elegant anthracite coloured stone slabs. Unfortunately most of my flower pots look quite shabby on these lovely stones. Whether terracotta or plastic – not a pretty sight anymore. And then I came across an article in a garden magazine on how you can simply paint your flower pots. I had a bucket of white wall paint in the cellar. Perfect! I cleaned and washed the pot thoroughly. With a small paint roller I first painted the entire pot in white, and then in grey (I mixed in some black acrylic paint). I retraced the embossment in a darker shade of grey. The next day I varnished the entire pot with a water based varnish and stuck on the stones with my hot glue gun. I am really pleased with the result. Matches the stone slabs and the grey cat perfectly 😉 Now I just have to pimp all other pots and summer can come.