Feed your bees

Feed the bees_TBAPB

Nowadays many gardens are dead. Yes, they are green and there are flowers, but the plants are convenient, easy to look after and are churned out by the garden centers. At Christmas row after row of poinsettias and in Spring geraniums and pansies. Pure dullness for mother nature. Nice to look at for us humans, but no good for our bees, bumblebees or butterflies. But we can change this. So how about setting a sign for nature in your garden or on your balcony by planting flowers on which our little friends can really feast. Typical kitchen herbs are a good example: Thyme, savory, oregano, lavender or sage which are also tasty for us humans . Or sunflowers (but not the pollenfree sort). Even easier: Daisies and dandelions. And then sit back, relax and watch these hard-working little creatures whilst enjoying a delicious piece of cake.

Here are some websites I found on plants for bees & co.




Update May 2018

I received a wonderful email from Clive who has written a fantastic article called “The Ultimate Guide to Bees”. It’s full of interesting facts about our fluffly flying friends and also tips on how you can create a feasting paradise for them and also other insects in your garden. Clive’s website is also packed with other useful guides to get the most out of your garden, however small it might be.