Avocado Chocolate Cake


When dear friends come to visit you need a special cake. And when I found this recipe I was hooked. A chocolate cake with avocados!? How is that supposed to work? But it does work and how it works! The base of the cake with dates and hazelnuts alone is a treat, but then the chocolate filling. The slight bitter taste of cocoa meets coconut oil and avocados. A creamy but firm consistency. The taste is hard to describe, you’ll just have to bake the cake yourself. Or make it, no baking involved. If you plan on using the filling on its own for a vegan mousse au chocolat then I personally would sweeten it a little more. But in the cake together with the sweetness of the dates it is great. I used maple syrup and a 24 cm round tin. The recipe is originally from Nicole Just aka La Veganista (well-known German vegan food blogger). Here the link to the recipe (in German): http://www.kuechengoetter.de/rezepte/Torten/Avocado-Schoko-Torte-7043668.html